Family Law Solicitor

Cork based Family Law Solicitors.

Mary Mullarkey Solicitors is one of Cork’s longest established family law solicitor firms. We have decades of experience representing individuals in family law and in civil litigation.
Our family law solicitors understand the pain and destress that can accompany issues related to family law. Therefore, we take a client first approach, that focuses on empathy, sensitivity and understanding. We work with our clients with a view to seeking a legal solution that satisfies all parties.
Our philosophy around family law isn’t about winning or losing, it takes the approach that relationships evolve and change. Our solicitors are focused on finding long term solutions that protects the rights of our clients and the wellbeing of their children.

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Areas of Family Law

Separation & Divorce

We have worked with couples who are in the processing of ending their relationship. Our solicitors assist with separation agreements including who should live in the family home, what should happen to any joint-owned property, where dependent children should live, etc.

Maintenance Payments

Maintenance payments need to be negotiated and agreed by both parties. Our family law solicitors assist with the negotiation ensuring that maintenance payments are enough to cover dependent children as well as covering household expenses and costs.

Guardianship & Custody

When a couple divorce and can’t agree on custody arragement, a family law solicitor can help negotiate the parameters surrounding child access. We make every effort to ensure both parents can play an active role in a child’s life.

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Family Law Solicitor FAQ

  • What is the main responsibility of a family law solicitor?

    In brief, a family law solicitor presides and arranges family mediation. They provide a formal setting for these mediation talks to take place and guide the individuals they are representing to a mutually agreed solution to a family dispute. To put it another way, a family law solicitor oversees any family-centric disputes that have the potential to end up in a court of law.

  • I need a family law solicitor near me. What is your catchment area?

    We generally represent individuals in Cork. But we are available to clients nationwide. To schedule a consultation get in contact with us today.